Service M8

ServceM8 - Smart Job Management

Service M8 connects your field workers with your administration so you can manage jobs in real-time and generate invoices as soon as the job is finished. With a simple to use app, your field workers can get up to speed quickly and concrentrate on getting the job done.As the business owner, ServiceM8 eliminates a lot of manual work so that you can get your evenings back.


Using the dispatch board, you can easily drag and drop jobs to assign them to someone on the road and their personal schedule will update. At a glance you can see what jobs everyone is doing and who has capacity.


With the ability to add parts and services as items in the system, you can build a quote quickly and generate it on the spot. The quote then becomes a work order and all of the notes taken are available to the person performing the work so nothing gets lost.

Instant Invoicing

Whether you invoice at the job or have someone in the office taking care of it, you can create and send an invoice as soon as the job is completed. There's no more waiting for daily runbooks to make their way back to the office slowly. If you do it on the job, you can even get paid on the spot.

Location and Directions

GPS tracking lets you see where everyone is so you can be sure that they are where they need to be. As a field worker, you can get directions to the next job so you always know where you are and where you are going.

Checklists and Reports

To ensure nothing gets missed, ServiceM8 lets you set up checklists for different types of jobs. You can then take those answers and autoamtically generate a report instead of manually putting them together or editing them at home.

Job Record

The Job Diary shows all photos taken at the job, when work was conducted and can capture a customer signature as well. If a different technician goes out to foolow up on the job, they won't be in the dark. With all of this information in one place, you can confidently deal with any complaints or queries arising from a job.