Does something feel not quite right?

Whether you are looking for a review of your current setup to suggest future directions or you have implemented new systems already and they aren't turning out to be as helpful as you had hoped, we can help.

With our Review services, we can analyse your currrent situation and help you chart a path to resolution. In many cases, we can also do the work to fix your systems as well.

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Systems Review

Systems Reviews come in two main flavours, although our reviews all have one thing in common - we start at the business level first and then look at the technologies. The first type of review is when you know your systems are outdated and you want some analysis around what scope exists for modernising the business.

The second type is when you have already implemented a new system, either yourself or through a third party but things just aren't working the way you expecting or the way that they were sold to you. With a Systems Review, we can help identify whether the issue is with the implementation itself, insufficient training, adaption of business processes or the software simply not being suited to your busines. Don't let your investment go tp waste without getting a second opinion.

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Reconciliation Audit

Using Xero and a Xero Connected App makes operating your business a lot easier and separates the financial side of the business from the operational one for added security. This does introduce the possibility for data to be inconsistent between systems even those with inbuilt synchronisation modules. If you are getting different data in your reports in Xero vs your app, then this is likely the issue.

We can assist to any level needed, from producing a general report that outlines the types of issues found, all the way to a complete reconciliation and undertaking the necessary corrective action.

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Systems Correction

The most common period for errors to be introduced into a system is the implementation itself and the immediate few weeks after that. The problem is that some of these errors don't stay in the past, they can keep influencing the present. If your systems are running on an unstable foundation, let us perform the remedial action to fix it so that you can have peace of mind.

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