There's a time for talk and a time for action.

What's the best way to make sure that a Systems Review doesn't make promises that can't be kept and that the recommendations are specific to your situation and requirements rather than just being copied and pasted?

Use a company that is able to implement solutions as well as analyse and recommend them. When a company is going to be potentially responsible for delivering on the solutions they recommend, it's only natural that you will get a higher level of attention to making sure that the solution is going to work.

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Cloud App Implementation

There has been a rapid rise in the number of cloud-based applications to manage your business operations and the convnience of access and shift to subscription-based billing can provide large benefits. Integration to cloud-based accounting systems mean that the days of exporting and importing spreadsheets between your line of business software and your accounting package are over.

The burning question, besides which app is most suitable, is should you do the implementation yourself or get someone to do it for you? A common mistake that businesses make when deciding on the answer to this question is assuming that implementation is just about learning a new piece of software. The biggest amount of time in a project is spent on process evaluation, refinement and adaptation which can be hard for people inside the business to deal with impartially.

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Custom Development

There's nothing worth in your business than to have your information trapped in various different pieces of software. Traditionally, the solution to this has either been finicky spreadsheet exports and imports or double entry of data. Time spent by your employees on these menial tasks is time they aren't spending on higher-order tasks that bring value to the business. If the inbuilt integration options either don't suit your needs or don't exist at all, we can help bridge the gap with a custom integration.

When you are dealing with software, there are limits to the customisation and automation that you can perform within them. There are times when this can become a much bigger issue than just a mere nuisance. If you need to work with your data in a specific way or trigger workflows as things change, we can provide custom extensions that are tailored completely to your situation. These custom extensions don't replace your existing systems but they do supplement them and increase the return on your investment in those systems.

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Sometimes you just need a little bit of support around a specific issue that you are having. Most software vendors provide a level of free support for their products but that may not suit your needs. For some business owners, they don't have the time to deal with being on hold or explaining their problem to someone unfamiliar with their business or the particular way that they use the software. For others, they may use the vendor's support as a first port of call and then look for another party to assist on the occasions where that doesn't solve the issue or becomes too difficult. However you want to do it, we are here to support you.

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