Dear Systems

Dear Systems - Cloud ERP Software

Dear Systems is a cloud-based ERP system with a feature set to suit any product-based business. Whether your business is built around reselling, manufcaturing, importing or a combination of approaches, you will be catered for.

Integrations with Xero and multi-currency support by default take care of the accounting side of things. With a solid set of business processes layered on top, Dear can give you real-time insight into the performance of your business and help you improve profitability and efficiency.


From the quote stage through to invoicing and fulfilment, Dear has the tools you need to ensure that sales don't get missed. Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and Point of Sale systems aggregate sales from different channels to give you a single view of all of your sales activity. Fully customisable document templates allow you to include whatever information is needed for your business.


Whether you are purchasing to maintain minimum stock levels or to order, Dear will allow you to order what you need quickly and easily. Landed costs from any source can then be capitalised into the products to ensure that the margin on the sale accurately reflects the true cost of your stock.


With support for both simple manufacturing / assembly and more complex manufcaturing chains requiring resource and capacity planning, Dear can ensure that you have the necessary products when you need them. Costs incurred during the manufacturing process are captured and capitalised into the finished product.

Inventory Management

Stock control allows you to see how many of a product you have, what it's worth and where it is at any point in time. Not only does this allow you to order and sell with more confidence, it makes it harder for rogue staff to help themselves to your stock. With Dear being a complete stock pipeline from receiving the purchased goods in, counting them periodically and finally shipping them out, all you need to do is put the correct information in at the various stages and the rest will take care of itself.

Warehouse Management

Picking errors are costly and can erode goodwill with valuable customers when they don't get what they ordered. With Dear's Warehosue Management app and support for multiple warehouses and bins paired with barcode support, your employees will be able to find what they need quickly and pick the right item to fulfill an order with a minimum of fuss.

Point of Sale

Dear Point of Sale is an optional add-on to the Dear platform that will integrate with Dear inventory. Stock levels and product images are available in a streamlined POS experience and the orders captured will flow through into the backend to allow easy integration through to Xero.