Cloud App

What are Cloud Apps?

Cloud apps refer to applications which are accessed by the user through a web browser or a mobile app rather than a local installation of software. Companies using the software aren't responsible for running the servers as that is done by the application provider offsite.

The majority of the time, these cloud apps are generic in nature and don't offer configuration of the user interface. Despite this, through careful process engineering and usage of custom fields as appropriate, it is possible to make these apps work for just about any company.

Why Should I Use Cloud Apps?

There are many reasons that companies are adopting cloud apps in increasingly greater numbers. Some of the main items are:

  • They eliminate the need for major server purchases every few years.

    When you are running an 'on-premises' application, it means that you need to purchase, maintain and replace a server with enough processing power to run it efficiently. This is a major capital expenditure every few years to replace aging hardware and operating systems. As this is merely upgrading the present situation, business generally don't benefit from any increased efficiencies.

  • They are designed for access from anywhere.

    All you need to log into a cloud app once you have an account is a device with a web browser, which is a standard feature. If your workstation fails, you can jump straight onto a new computer and continue working within minutes, rather than having to worry about installing the latest client for your on-premise software.The popular example for this is always that you can log in to your system while relaxing by the pool on an overseas holiday but from a work-life balance perspective, that is not something we would encourage.

Do You Need Expert Assistance in Setting Up a Cloud App?

It's often the case in many fields that the marketing doesn't match the reality and it's no different in the world of cloud apps. It depends on the app in question but for anything but the most simple and focused application, getting expert assistance in the setup process may cost you money upfront but you will quickly see a return on that investment through increased productivity and efficiency in the business.

How Does Expert Assistance Help?

Before expanding on the benefits of expert assistance, it is worth quickly noting that experts come in two flavours - single domain and multi-domain. Single domain experts excel in one area, in this case business, accounting or experience with the app itself. Multi-domain experts like Exact are able to help in more than just one area, to drive better project outcomes. Having input from an expert during implementation of a new cloud app project at any scale has a lot of benefits.

  • They do this all the time. As a business owner, you may have only made major systems changes a handful of times, if that. Experts do it all the time so they have a broader range of experience which can save time and money by identifying issues earlier in the process.
  • They are one step removed from your business. While this may not sound like a benefit at first glance, the extra distance an expert has from your business will allow them to see things in a different way to you. An expert will want to know how doing something a particular way benefits your business and 'because that's the way we've always done it' isn't a good reason.

Why Choose Exact Consulting For Your Implementation?

The secret to a successful cloud app implementation, whether in a completely new business or a migration from an existing system, is that it's not really about the app. A truly successful implementation involves using the new app as a tool to help improve the current processes of the business and we educate as much as possible along the way. We bring a combination of business and accounting knowledge and the technical expertise to back it up.